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Raising Awareness About Mental Illness In Minority Communities

July 16, 2019

Jul 10, 2019 By Amanda Magnus & Person: Anita Rao North Carolina Public Radio One in five adults in the United States experience a mental illness, regardless of culture, race or gender. But there are cultural differences when it comes to seeking treatment: African Americans use mental health services at about one-half the rate of more »

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If you’ve been thinking about going to therapy, here’s why you should

July 10, 2019 By Lauren Levine Charlotte Agenda I’d always been open to the idea of therapy. I’d interviewed therapists and thought they were smart. I love books written by therapists. If friends told me they went I supported them. But for myself? I was hesitant. I didn’t have significant mental health issues or more »

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Responding To Bipolar Psychotic Symptoms

By Amy Willer | Jun. 24, 2019 NAMI A first experience with psychosis can be terrifying, exhilarating, disorienting or feel just plain ordinary. Sometimes it can seem ordinary because it was your reality for a while. Your senses and brain colluded to fabricate something that wasn’t actually there. It certainly felt real, though. For example, during my first psychotic more »

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NAMI Joins Seven Leading Organizations To Launch Mental Health For US Coalition

6/10/2019 NAMI NAMI, along with other prominent mental health and addiction organizations, launched Mental Health for US: a nonpartisan educational coalition aimed at elevating mental health issues on the 2020 campaign trail. The coalition is dedicated to uniting Americans to call for bipartisan support and systematic change through grassroots activation.

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In state health report cards, North Carolina falls below average

June 26, 2019

June 13, 2019 By Yen Duong NC Health News North Carolina has continued to perform below average in a national ranking of state health systems, moving from 35th in 2018 to 34th this year. On June 12, the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit health policy research foundation, released its annual report comparing state health systems more »

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